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Surely we’re not talking about the mortgage industry

Our Core Values

The New Truth In Lending

Be Self-Motivated – Always strive to be better; to improve a process or deliver a better experience for customers, partners, and employees. Taking the extra step separates us from our competition.

Be Proactive – Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.

Be Thoughtful – A mortgage is life’s biggest purchase. We understand the responsibility that comes with receiving a referral for something this important. Every member of the process—co-workers, partners, clients, and lenders—must know that we take our responsibility very seriously and that one bad experience reflects negatively on everyone involved in the process.

Be Accountable – We’re in the ownership business. And ownership starts with each of us living up to our responsibilities.

Be Responsive – Real estate moves at warp speed. Once a solution is identified, push to get it done as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Be Conscientious – Communities are built from the inside out. And it starts with this inner thought: What can I do to make this place better today? Ask that for where you work and where you live and the world will be a better place.

Be Healthy – If you need help, mental or physical, never be afraid to ask

Leadership Team

Robert M. Sampson

Co-Founder & CEO

At his core, Rob is a builder. He’s built numerous companies from a mere idea to an industry leader – industries as diverse as construction, enterprise software and financial services. Under his leadership as Chief Operating Officer, Guaranteed Rate grew from a small local lender of 300 employees to one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country, employing more than 3000 people and funding in excess of 5000 mortgage loans per month. His vision provides a platform where excellence thrives, and growth happens as a result of merit and good business decisions. Rob is a graduate of Aurora University.
"We founded bemortgage to create a haven for the most elite members of the mortgage community."

Clayton E. Hutchinson

General Counsel

Clayton is not a typical General Counsel or bank attorney. He’s been responsible for every facet of running mortgage companies from negotiating with billion-dollar hedge funds and managing CFPB audits to picking out office paint colors. After leaving private practice he served as Associate General Counsel at Guaranteed Rate (Chicago, IL), and as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at InterFirst Mortgage Company (Lincolnshire, IL). He graduated with Deans’ List Honors from Illinois Wesleyan University and Chicago - Kent College of Law.
"I’m excited to work with highly-motivated experts who are driven to transform the industry."

Adam J. Kamarat

EVP, National Production

Adam’s professional experience is as wide ranging as it gets. In addition to his mortgage experience, he’s been a high school teacher, a close quarters combat and women’s self-defense instructor, as well as a luxury home builder. After building a top 1% origination business at Guaranteed Rate in Chicago, IL, he shifted his focus to building & solidifying a region that accounted for more than 5% of Guaranteed Rate’s $20+ billion in annual volume. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northeastern Illinois University.
"Bemortgage is going to change the industry by creating a place where trust and common sense replace traditional corporate boundaries. It’s an honor and a privilege to work alongside such an elite level of collective talent."

Jeff Baker

SVP of Mortgage Banking

Jeff’s competitive nature has driven him to conquer every endeavor he’s undertaken. On his way to graduating from the University of Notre Dame, he joined the football team as a walk on wide receiver & ended up playing 4 years under Lou Holtz, including a spot on their 1988 National Championship team. Beyond being a perennially top producing originator, his consulting savvy is & has been regularly sought out by people in a wide range of fields…financial services, startups, and e-commerce. He earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.
"I’m thrilled to play my role in launching the platform that enables high-achieving loan officers to become rock stars."

‘Clear-to-close’ is closer than you think.