Our Process

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6 Easy Steps For Success

Step 1


This is the first step & will set the stage for the entire process. Our borrowers have the ability to apply utilizing our custom online application or directly with our Mortgage Bankers. Our relationships with all major lenders and direct relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac give us tremendous flexibility in providing our borrowers as many loan options as they need.

Step 2


The next step is to gather all documentation necessary to get a borrower approved. This includes borrower information (i.e. W2s, pay stubs, bank statements) and third party items such as an appraisal, title, and insurance information.

Step 3


Once all borrower docs have been gathered we will begin the underwriting process. Submitting the loan to our in-house underwriters this early in the process will help eliminate last minute rushes and helps assure all parties involved in the transaction that the loan meets all investor guidelines. This initial underwrite will be performed within 48 hours after we receive all documentation.

Step 4

Conditional Approval

After the initial underwrite there may still be a few outstanding items we need to address or review. Our processing team gather any documents necessary to get the final approval on the loan. We will reach out to our borrowers if personal documents are needed within 24 hours of receiving the conditional approval to ensure the we get the loan fully approved as fast as possible.

Step 5

Final Underwriting

Our underwriters will review all conditions within 24 hours of receiving them and give our final approval. We are now ready to close.

Step 6


Once a loan is clear to close our closing coordinators will reach out our borrowers to confirm time and location of the closing. Our closers confirm all costs and/or credits associated with the loan with the title company and/or attorney. Once this is complete, all necessary mortgage documents are sent to the closing table prior to the close to ensure our closing is quick and smooth.

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