Chaz Hinz and Justin Kollman have earned their reputation in the builder community as true industry professionals. Thanks to their tight organization, profound knowledge and genuine care for their customers, Chaz and Justin have found much success in their roles as loan officers in the builder community. By joining bemortgage, they aim to expand their builder platform and offer a vast variety of products for their customers. bemortgage has over 30 investors, which means Chaz and Justin can find loans for most peoples' circumstances and because they are licensed in all 50 states, they can offer home financing solutions no matter where you reside.

Chaz Hinz

SVP of Mortgage Banking
Builder Division
NMLS ID: 309521
Phone: (760) 849-7602
Mobile: (858) 922-0645

Having been surrounded by numbers all her life thanks to her father, Chaz Hinz has always known she wanted to get into a similar field. Since 2003, Chaz has built her business by putting extra care into each of her customers’ and partners’ relationships. When she receives a file, she knows immediately whether or not she can get it to closing day or not, which enables her to catch issues and problem-solve right away. With a specific niche in the builder division, Chaz has built a positive reputation for herself and takes pride in delivering for her customers, no matter their situation. Chaz joined bemortgage to take her business to the next level and create more opportunities to connect personally with her customers.

Chaz is the President of the Sales and Marketing Counsel within the Building Industry Association (BIA) of San Diego and actively participates in all their activities. In 2017, Chaz won the Silver Award for Sales and Marketing Counseling and was recognized national through the National Association of Home Builders. Additionally, she won the Icon Award, in which she was recognized for being the best financial associate within the homebuilding industry in San Diego.

Chaz earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of San Diego. When she’s not helping her next client or partner, Chaz makes sure to spend her free time outdoors with her husband, Justin, and do, Roxy. She enjoys hiking, golfing, exercising and swimming and practices being emotionally and mentally healthy.

Justin Kollman

SVP of Mortgage Banking
Builder Division
NMLS ID: 30403
Phone: (760) 849-7601
Mobile: (858) 731-6118

Justin Kollman’s involvement in the mortgage industry, specifically the builder division, is more than just giving out loans to him – it’s a chance to make someone’s life better. As an active member in his community, Justin quickly realized how helping build homes for others created a positive impact within his own life and the area he lives in. Justin discovered his love for helping others, adding value into their lives and creating a positive community environment. Justin immediately dived into the mortgage industry after graduating college in 2002 but once he dipped his toes in, he knew this is what he wanted to do for life. By never cutting corners and building relationships that truly have depth, Justin has earned his title as “expert.”

Justin is a 2018 Board of Director at the Building Industry Association of San Diego (BIA) and 2018 Chair of Council Forum and has received awards for a previous employers’ president’s circle 3 years in a row. In addition, he’s been recognized as a certified premier lender, high performing metrics, and 98% customer satisfaction.

Justin earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics at Western Michigan University. In his free time, Justin enjoys playing hockey and surrounding himself with other like-minded positive people, including his wife, Chaz.

Meet Our Team

Production Manager
Charmaine Dixon
c.dixon@beloan.com | Direct: 760.849.7603

Charmaine oversees the whole loan process and manages our deadlines.

Sales Assistants
Sean Rial
s.rial@beloan.com | Direct: 760.849.7604
Andrew Gringas
a.gringas@beloan.com | Direct: 760.849.7611

Sean and Drew assist us in preparing initial loan applications and help with pre-approval documentation.

Come join a dedicated team.